Is there ever enough money?

We bought this house in May of this year.  In July of this year we had a windstorm rip across the prairie at 100+ mph.  Our neighbor’s brand new 5th wheel camper blew over and was a total loss.  Another nearby farm lost their barn to trees.  We lost some shingles and the ridge cap on the end of our roof.  Insurance will cover the roof, but only the damaged half.  To get the entire roof covered in metal, which is our plan, we need to come up with $5000 out of pocket.  Our oldest daughter just got braces and we needed a $1000 downpayment.  Car insurance is due.  To put it bluntly, we are bleeding money these days.  I haven’t had a decent tip night at work all month.  So, in true frugal fashion, it’s time to put the brakes on our spending. Thankfully, we keep a well stocked pantry.  My parents butchered 50 chickens this summer so we have a freezer full of big, organic chicken.  I can get 3 meals out of one of those bad boys.  We have plenty of eggs.  The big expense will be milk.  We only buy organic milk, for the health of it and also the taste is just better.  My kids and I can go through a half gallon per day.  In this oil boom state I live in organic milk is running $5 a half gallon.  I am going to have to settle for regular old Wal-Mart milk for the month.  My goal for this month is to spend $500 on household goods and groceries.  I will leave a budget of $380 for gas.  Next week I am planning on using items for meals I already have in the fridge/freezer or pantry.  My plan is this for next week:


Breakfast-pancakes, oatmeal, eggs and bacon, cereal

Lunch-pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, pasta or leftovers

Supper-crock pot lasagna with salad, crock pot chicken and dumplings and roasted carrots and potatoes (both for the nights I work),  jambalaya and salad, homemade pizza with fruit salad, roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken yakisoba ( with roasted broccoli, chicken enchiladas with spanish rice and salad

Snacks-blueberry muffins, yogurt, granola, cookies (all homemade)

I have plenty of potatoes, carrots, squash, and onions in storage from our garden this year.  I have canned tomato sauce, peaches, dilly beans, jellies and jams, and chokecherry and blackberry syrup for pancakes.

I have to stick to frugal living blogs and debt free living blogs.  It makes things so much easier if you avoid the temptation of fashion or home decorating blogs.  In the immortal words of Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, “You are what you read.”


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