Back of house on left and front of house on right.

We recently moved from a tiny house in the middle of town to a big house on 15 acres.  The closest town is considerably smaller than anywhere we have ever lived.  I mean small.  Tiny.  One gas station with one pump.  Zero grocery stores.  Two bars.  Four churches.  Post office.

The house came with a chicken coop and 21 chickens.  20 laying hens and a rooster.  For my birthday my parents gave me 5 bantam chickens.  One of them is a rooster named Woody.

He makes my heart melt!!  His cock-a-doodle-doo sounds like a squeaky dog toy.  His wings hang down a bit so they look too big for his body. My husband may wake up one morning to find Woody in bed with us, that’s how much I love him.

The pasture is in CRP right now.  That means that until September 2013 we can’t do anything with it.  When the CRP contract is up I am planning to fence it in and get a pig or two, a calf each spring and 3 nigerian dwarf goats.

The one and only downside to this place so far is the garden.  The soil is clay.  I have dug and tilled and worked compost into the soil and so far I have come across zero earthworms.  It packs down to cement in just a few days after tilling, especially if it gets wet.

I planted 26 tomato plants and 6 have survived.     The peas, onions, potatoes, peppers and zucchini seem to be doing well.  All 6 squash plants died, the corn was eaten by the chickens, and most of the herbs just never came up.    I have major plans for raised beds next year!!  I will keep working organic matter into the clay, chicken bedding, grass clippings, compost.  We are working on a fence around it and next spring I may get 2 pigs and let them root the garden area for the summer.  Any ideas on what to do to amend the clay soil?


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